Tata Aria Mini Price and Launch Date

Following the prominent trend of MUV with respect to Indian car market, Tata Motors have triggered their workmanship to launch the Tata aria mini 2013. Tata Motors have always worked to deliver products with great performance without making any compromise on customer satisfaction, quality and safety. Likewise, Tata Aria is by far regarded to be the most well-equipped and advanced car by the makers. However, priced above Rs.10 lakhs Tata Aria was not able to script its success story with the MUV buyers across the nation. But Tata mini Aria price in India is expected to be around Rs. 7 lakhs and this may help the company to conquer the MUV domain. Tata aria mini launch date is scheduled for first quarter of 2013.

Tata Aria mini Price in India – Rs. 7 lakhs (Approx.)


A price tag of Rs.7 lakh and neck to neck competition with Maruti Suzuki Ertiga, Toyota Innova and Mahindra Quanto, 2013 Tata mini-Aria seems exciting for the buyers, but fairly not that easy for the makers. Well, this is because along with the shortened ladder-frame chassis, Tata aria mini MUV needs fulfill lot of criteria to qualify under the 12 per cent excise duty bracket. Most important specification lies in the engine of the car and if the cost is cut short, then the diesel engine needs to be under 1500cc. But for this it becomes imperative for the 2013 Tata mini-Aria to dump the 2.2-litre DiCOR block and shift to the reliable 1248cc Fiat Multijet engine. Well, this is not the only challenge; Tata Motors have to also cut down on the weight of the current Tata Aria that is a full tonne heavier than Maruti Suzuki Ertiga. Though Tata aria mini mileage is around 17.21 kmpl, but we have to keep toiling for the endearing prospects of the new Tata mini Aria, till its launch.

Yes, it’s a true that India is becoming an emerging hub for all sorts of automobiles, one of them being the MUV segment. But the question that may arise in minds of potent buyers is that why Tata Motors are in a rush to launch the Tata mini Aria India with a price tag half of the existing model. The answer is really simple we must say. ‘Competition extracts the best out of the competitors’ is the fact that made Tata Motors launch Tata mini aria diesel at a competitive cost. Therefore, this customized solution in terms of portability, durability, performance and most importantly price will boost up Tata Motor’s market share to great heights.

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