Yamaha R25 Price and Launch Date in India

There’s a new speed demon in town and its called the Yamaha R25.

Of the many sounds, both legible and illegible, that the human mouth is able to make, there is but one syllable to describe the wonder that is the Yamaha R25; ‘WOW’. Someone a bit wordier might also venture forth and utter, ‘just absolutely WOW’ and those not so favoured by the literary god might just go with a simple grunt to express their bewildered wonder. If you think I’m exaggerating, all you have to do is a take one glimpse at the Yamaha R25, you cannot miss it. Another thing you can’t miss would be the monumental price tag that tails it around. The Yamaha R25 Price in India is expected to cross the 2 lakh mark with a tag of around Rs. 2.5 Lakhs (is that the shattering of dreams I hear?). We are still a little grey about when we will see this beautiful beast on the road since there have been no official announcements about the Yamaha R25 launch date in India although some little birdies think it might be sometime this year.



Yamaha R25 Price in India – Rs. 2.16 Lakhs


The Yamaha R25 Specifications are all muscle. In fact it kind of looks like the bike is on steroids. It’s muscular, and sporty and downright gorgeous. The R25 is powered by a 250cc, 2 cylinder 4 stroke engine that can easily dish out 35-37PS output and over 28Nm of peak torque. There aren’t a lot of details that are available as of now. Other details like the Yamaha R25 top speed (expected: Awesome) and Yamaha R25 mileage (expected: not so Awesome) are still in the grey. However, we will keep our ears open for any whispers (of which there should be many) regarding this bike.


“The Yamaha R25 Specifications are all muscle. In fact it kind of looks like the bike is on steroids. It’s muscular; It’s sporty and downright gorgeous.”


As I might have mentioned a couple of times, this bike is stunning to look at and an absolute eye candy. The design language is pretty much inspired from the Moto GP1 with the sleek sharp aerodynamic angles on the bike. It’s just a tad longer, wider and taller than the YZF R15 and a smidge shorter than the Honda CBR250R. Either way it’s pretty distinct. The instrument cluster looks neat, most of it being digital apart from the analogue tachometer.


The Yamaha R25 is one of those bikes that mock the common-man-bike-lovers in a ‘You can’t have it na-na-na-naa-naa’ way. But that still doesn’t change the fact that it’s like a Picasso painting you can sit on, a Sistine chapel that you can drive down the road, in short a proper work of art. It’s beautiful; it’s powerful and unfortunately very costly. But then again all good things don’t come easy.



Yamaha R25 Specifications

  • Engine : Liquid-cooled, four-stroke, DOHC
  • Displacement : 249 cc
  • Max.Power : 36 PS @ 12,000rpm
  • Max. Torque : 22.6 NM @ 10,000rpm
  • Top speed : 175 Kmph
  • Transmission : Constant Mesh 6-Speed
  • Tyres (Front/Rear) : 110/70-17 & 140/70-17
  • Brakes (Front/Rear) : Hydraulic Disc